Thursday, November 3, 2011

Driving Enterprise Growth Part 2

Wonder if Sunil's point (see message from him to the Part 1 post) was the same as (similar to) the one made by Gurcharan Das in his book India Unbound. I qiote from the bottom of page 312.

"The answer (to the question as to why there is no appetite for education reform in India) may well lie in the liberal fallacy - that is, the naive assumption that reasoning will prevail over interests."

Mr. Das goes on to point out that the opposite often happens and that the road to power is through satisfying interests.

If so, I definitely do not disagree. This point is actually at the very heart of my suggestion. That the value of behaviour modification via better road sense is to our economy and employability (if there is such a word). It is meant to address the interests of employers and employees.

My sister in Canada who seems to hesitate about posting her views on the internet, realized this when she suggested that I go to a couple of large Corporates and get them interested in the idea.

Let us all build the argument and the methods.

Look forward to your opinions and views.