Monday, April 9, 2012

Entrepreneurship Catalyst

Have updated my profile to reflect my current status - changed my employer. Went from being employed by ISB's Wadhwani Center for Entrepreneurship Development to being employed by Entrepreneurship in India!! Will miss ISB. Reckon ISB has done so very well in the 10 years it has existed. My hope is that those who follow and those who are there, realize that they owe it to themselves and to those who helped get ISB to where it is, to bend their back to make ISB stronger and better.
I really enjoyed my interaction with the ISB Class of 2012. Got to know nearly a quarter of the students and those I knew were good humans and intelligent to boot. I hope to stay in touch with many of them.

Having left, the main difference is (a) that I will not be drawing a salary; and (b) that I will be spending my own money to enable entrepreneurship in this country. Of course I am scared and wonder if I will succeed, but I'll be damned if I do not give it a good shot. I now have the liberty to at least try.

Am travelling most of April but hope to pursue my interests relentlessly once I get back. "Miles to go before I sleep".

Here is to hoping that I will find some 30 humans who have a passion for enabling entrepreneurship in India and who will let me work with them to first create a practical agenda for doing so and then help me execute. At a later stage we are likely to need funding, but I first want to get to the point where people will WANT to fund the agenda.

Good luck in all you do. Stay alert, pause, think, then execute relentlessly.