Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Latvia, Ukraine

I noticed that of the dozen countries or so from where this blog has registered hits, Latvia and Ukraine are represented.

Labdien (?) and Pryvit (?) to those of you from those two countries.

On the chance that there may be some use of the ideas in this blog in those countries, and also the chance that those readers read this post, I would like to note that I will be visiting Switzerland from July 19 to Aug 03 and in your time zone. Apart from July 19 and Aug 01 and 03, I would be happy to discuss this in person if you believe it will be of use. Just to meet and exchange ideas and understand different view points so long as the intention is to enable entrepreneurship would be for me, a satisfying experience.

I should hasten to add that my linguistic skills are limited to English and 3 Indian languages.

Let me know by leaving a message on the blog with your personal details and we can then get in touch. Time may permit only one or the other (Latvia or Ukraine) but I am open to meeting in the middle in say Slovakia! That way each of us has a 12 hour drive, thoughtful discussions with perhaps a meal (and if available in Slovenia perhaps some Bauska or Balzams or Horilka), and then we drive back. 

With my best wishes, Vishnu.